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Fierce - Clarissa Wild - COVER REVEAL

Title: Fierce
Author: Clarissa Wild
Publication Date: January 27th 2014
Genre: New Adult Romance

Fight for your dreams. Fight for your life. Fight for love. 

Nerdy girl Autumn Blakewood is the prime example of a goodie two-shoes. She studies every night, is never late for class, and always follows the rules. She has never felt the need to step out of her comfort zone. That is, until she meets Hunter. 

 Hunter Bane is a cocky, confident bad-boy, who's nothing but trouble. He’s a dangerous distraction to everyone around him. Sexy and strong, Hunter enjoys the swooning effect he has on women. Especially those who aren't used to attention, like Autumn. 

 Autumn finds it hard not to give into Hunter’s advances, even though it all seems like a game to him. Trying to understand him is impossible, because he shrouds himself in mystery. 
What she doesn't know is that Hunter has more baggage than anyone should have to carry. When she discovers he's in an illegal frat club to save the one person that matters to him, Autumn realizes this could mean the end of her undeniable connection to him. Even their lives are at risk. 
But it's too late to turn back now ...

When he comes up the steps, his gaze is already set on that one empty spot beside me. I’m squeezing my legs together, as he sits next to me. My instinct is to scoot far away, but I can’t; there’s nowhere to go.
I feel watched, which isn’t strange, considering his gray eyes are practically trying to penetrate my skin.
Anger is seething inside him, I don’t have to look at him to know; I can feel it flow out of him like a radiator that’s burning up.
God, I want to die.
He keeps staring at me, as if he has nothing better to do. My heartbeat is rising, and I’m starting to feel really sweaty. I don’t know why he’s doing this, but it’s freaking me out, and I don’t like it one bit.
“Don’t you have to pay attention?” I say, avoiding his eyes.
“To You? Yes.”
His words make my insides broil.
“The teacher has already started talking.” I point to the front, but Hunter doesn’t even flinch. His eyes are still on me like a hawk zooming in on his prey.
“I don’t care.”
I swallow, gathering the courage to turn my head and look at him. The moment my eyes make contact with his I’m drowning. Drowning in amazement. Drowning in fear.
Fear of the unknown.
“But your grades …” I stammer.
He snorts, and a smile curls the corners of his mouth while he shakes his head. “Yeah, right.”
And all I can do is stare.
If looks could kill, I would be dead.
He looks so damn handsome when he smiles. It’s like everything around us fades and all I ever want to see is that smile. It just makes me feel good.
But when the smile disappears, so does my mood.
The darkness falling over his face unsettles me.
In his eyes I see the hurt, the worries, the insomnia. Sleepless nights have worn down his face, making him look saggy and dull. But I know there’s so much more inside there.
Endless stories and an undiscovered world I’m intrigued by.
I want to know what’s in there. Inside him. Why he’s so angry and sad at the same time.
A sudden overwhelming feeling to grab him and hold him tight takes me aback.
He’s having so much trouble in his life right now, even though I have no idea what’s going on. I can see it in his eyes that something is so wrong. And I want to help him get through it.
But I don’t come any close. I don’t move one muscle.
I’m scared. Scared of what he can do. Scared of his power, and his temper.
In my mind I can still see his bloodshot eyes and the hateful look on his face. He was in that fight yesterday, I’m sure of it. The only question is who was the one instigating it.
I open my mouth, but nothing comes out.
I can’t ask him. I just can’t get the words to come out. I’m really chicken shit.
“Something wrong?” he says.
I shake my head.
“Then why are you looking at me like that?”
Hunter inches closer. I instinctively draw back, but he scoots even farther to my side. I’m scared to death he wants to do something to me, and I have no idea what, which makes it even scarier.
A devious smile appears on his face, and it’s almost as if he’s enjoying this. Taunting me seems like his way to pass time in class. I don’t like it one bit, but on the other hand I’m excited as hell.
He raises his head, and his nostrils flare. I turn my head, my breath hitching in my throat. I can’t look when he’s doing this, entering my private space uninvited.
It feels as though his nose is close to my hair, because there’s hot air flowing close to my ear. And then he inhales.
Holy shit.
Is he smelling me?
I’m frozen in place from sheer panic, my heart beating like crazy.
No guy has ever come this close to me.
He lets out a huge breath afterward and chuckles softly. His breath lingers on my ear, and a shudder runs through me.
“I like it,” he whispers.
Oh. My. Fucking. God.
My skin tingles where his hot breath brushed over me. My groin clenches, and my clit thumps.
His whisper does this to me. Just a whisper.
I never felt like this before. I think just died inside.
Hunter muffles a laugh. It’s like he can smell my fear.
He takes in a sharp breath and moves back to his usual spot. As if what he did just now was the most normal thing in the world.
I’m still shaken, my body stiff from the encounter. I feel completely naked, and I know he’s watching me.
The look in his eyes is like that of a boy who just did something totally against the rules. And it’s so fucking sexy I can’t stand it.

Clarissa Wild is the erotic romance author of the Blissful Series, The Billionaire's Bet series, the Doing It Series and the Enflamed Series. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.
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Hint of Seduction - Amelia Grey

Hint of Seduction by Amelia Grey

Seeking: A Cad of a Father

The ton believes Miss Catherine Reynolds has come to London to find a husband. They would be surprised to know her real purpose, or that it was Catherine herself who stole the horse of the dashing Earl of Chatwin practically out from under him (it was an emergency, of course). Catherine has learned that her real father—the scoundrel who broke her mother's heart—is still out there somewhere, and she intends to find him.

Found: An Enchanting Earl

Irritated, intrigued, and highly eligible, John Fines, Earl of Chatwin, finds his name on the tongues of half the ton as they speculate about his mysterious lady horse-thief. Catherine needs to help to uncover the secrets of her birth, but if he becomes embroiled in her quest, he may be in danger of losing not only his horse and his reputation as a charmer, but also his heart.


"Oh, for a horse with wings," that I might fly from one party to another as the Season is upon us. This column shall continue to fill your lovely heads with nothing but delicious gossip from our most popular and our most notorious members of the ton. Should we begin with the blithe Lord Chatwin, who has let it be known again this year that he is not looking to make a match? But what about the other half of the Terrible Twosome? Is Lord Dugdale looking?
-Lord Truefitt, Society's Daily Column
"Merciful heavens, Catherine, it's not only dark as midnight here in the park, it's freezing cold, too. It's simply uncivilized to be out before daybreak."
Catherine Reynolds looked over at her widowed half sister who rode beside her on a temperamental mare. In the months Catherine had been in London, she'd ceased to be shocked by Victoria Goosetree's constant complaining. Though the older woman would never breathe an improper word in public, she was more than ready to speak her mind in private.
"You'll warm up soon, Vickie. I think just before dawn is the most beautiful time to be outside on a horse."
"The devil it is," Victoria grumbled as her mare snorted. "I can't see a thing and I don't think it's safe."
"You can't see anything because you're not looking, and with Mills riding behind us we are perfectly safe," Catherine said.
She took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the crisp mist of air that wafted across their path. She caught the scent of wet foliage and sighed as it reminded her of home. Their groom remained quiet as he rode behind them, and when Victoria wasn't talking Catherine could relax and enjoy the peaceful early morning sounds of Hyde Park.
"How much longer are we going to ride?" Victoria asked.
Catherine smiled to herself, remaining patient. Her mare nickered and shook her head as puffs of warm breath snorted from her nostrils. "We've been on the horses less than fifteen minutes."
"Feels like hours to me. I allowed you to talk me into this for today, but I don't think I should like to do it again."
Catherine laughed but not loud enough that her petulant companion could hear. It was cold, but that didn't bother Catherine. Having grown up near the northern coast, she was used to a climate where the chilling dampness never seemed completely to go away.
"You're the one who insisted that I shouldn't ride during the day when it is much warmer," Catherine felt compelled to say.
Vickie snorted louder than the horse she was riding. "I was only trying to impress upon you that young ladies who are looking to make an excellent match shouldn't sit a horse in any park during the Season."
This was yet another reminder of her half sister's belief in doing one thing in public and another in private.
"You should only be seen riding in an open carriage with a viscount, an earl, or perhaps a handsome marquis by your side. I don't know why I allowed you to talk me into riding before daybreak. My feet are numb."
Hyde Park was beautiful dressed in the magical misty-gray of predawn. Shadowed sky light filtered through tree branches and shone down on them. Shards of pink, gray, and dark blue were about to be born on the horizon, and Catherine looked forward to enjoying the birth of sunrise.
She had been in London over three months, and it seemed as if she had done nothing but be fitted for ball gowns and more ball gowns. She considered the amount of clothing ridiculous Victoria insisted she have for the start of the Season. And gowns were only the half of it. A lady had to select just the right gloves, bonnets, fans, and handkerchiefs, too. No one needed that many things to wear.
"Perhaps if we rode a little faster you'd warm up," Catherine said, hoping to find a way Victoria could enjoy the outing. "How about it? Are you ready to let the horses trot?"
"I'm not sure I can. This horse doesn't seem to be well schooled."
Vickie's mount nickered and stomped as if agreeing with her comment.
Catherine reached down and patted the warm, firm neck of the spirited animal she rode. Her mount needed no prodding. Vickie was right that the hacks Mills had hired at a nearby livery weren't well trained for riders.
Vickie's mare was old and cranky, constantly fighting the bit, while Catherine's mount pranced restlessly beneath her like a young filly not saddle worn. But to Catherine, any horse was better than not riding at all.
"Perhaps your horse senses that you are unsure with her, and she's taking advantage," Catherine suggested. "You need to take control. A canter will take some of the wind out of her. Tighten up on your reins like this and let's ride."
"Very well," Victoria mumbled. "I'll try anything to warm up."
"Good. That's the spirit." Catherine gently urged her mount to pick up the pace. She turned back to Mills and motioned for him to follow.
Catherine had an excellent seat, having ridden since she was a young girl. She'd been forced to leave her favorite horse at her home when she made the trip to London by private coach.
Victoria was sixteen years Catherine's senior, and with no close male relative, it was Victoria's job to see that Catherine made an acceptable match before the Season's end. But what Victoria didn't know was that Catherine hadn't come to London in search of a husband; she had come in search of her father.
Her real father.
She had three clues. The names of three men. She knew one of them was her father, and she intended to find out which one had refused to marry her mother more than twenty years before.
After the man whom she and everyone else always believed was her father, Sir Patrick Reynolds, passed away a year ago, Catherine had found her mother's journal among a box of books in the attic. The diary was in deplorable condition. Over the years dampness had eroded and smeared the ink in many of the entries and rodents had chewed up some of the pages.
But through the readable passages of the neglected diary, Catherine had come to know her mother's deepest secret: The man she had married was not the father of the child she was carrying.
And that child was Catherine.
Lost in thought about her true mission to London, Catherine hadn't realized that Victoria and Mills had fallen behind her until she heard a cry of help. Catherine had a difficult time reining in her horse but finally slowed the animal. She turned the mare around and headed back to find out why Victoria had stopped.
"What's wrong?" Catherine asked as she halted her mount beside her sister. "Are you all right?"
"Yes, I'm fine, but something has happened to Mills."
A moment of concern flashed through Catherine. She didn't see Mills behind them, so she immediately headed back the way they'd come.
"Over here," she heard the groom call out.
It was difficult to make out much of anything in the darkness, but Catherine could see that Mills was not on his mare. He was lying on the ground. She and Victoria stopped their horses. Dismounting from a sidesaddle was difficult, but Catherine managed to kick free of her stirrup and jump down from her mount.
She hurried over to the man and asked, "Are you injured?"
"My horse stepped in a hole and we went down. I think I broke my leg."
"Sweet mercies," she whispered. This was all her fault. "Just lie still. We'll take care of everything."
Victoria knelt down beside Catherine and asked the groom, "How badly are you hurt? Can you ride?"
"I don't think so. I can't move my leg and my horse is limping, too."
Catherine had to come up with a plan of action fast. She looked at Victoria and said, "You stay here with Mills, and I'll ride back and get the carriage for him."
"I can't let you ride alone in the park!" Victoria protested. "Not only is it too dangerous, it would be scandalous."
"Nonsense," Catherine said. "This is not the time to worry about either of those things. Mills is hurt. Besides, it's no longer pitch dark. I'm a much better and faster rider than you. I know exactly how to get back to the carriage. I can return in half the time it would take you."
Catherine watched Victoria's brown gaze look down at the injured groom.
"I must have your promise that you will not stop for anyone or anything until you get to the carriage."
"You have it," Catherine said without hesitation.
"Then be off. Ride fast but be careful. It won't do for you to be seen riding in the park unescorted even for a short time or for so worthy a cause."
"I promise to be careful. Now come help me mount."
With Victoria's help Catherine managed to climb back onto her horse and head to the stable where they had left the carriage. She often rode alone on the hills and countryside where she'd grown up, and she had learned early to always be aware of her surroundings so that she could find her way home.
Catherine let the mare have her head and galloped through the fading darkness. The chilling wind stung her cheeks and watered her eyes, but she kept up the fast, exhilarating pace, feeling free for the first time since coming to London. The ribbons of her riding bonnet loosened and the wind blew it to the back of her shoulders. For a moment she felt as if she were back in her village on her favorite horse chasing the dawn.
Suddenly another horse and rider shot out of a side path right in front of her.
Catherine tugged hard on the reins, jerking up her horse's head. The mare reared in panic. Catherine lost her stirrup, and the leather went slack in her hands as the frightened animal came down hard, and then reared again.
She felt herself falling backward. She tried to grab hold of the horse's neck, her mane, anything to try and calm her mount, but the animal was too frantic.
One moment Catherine was tumbling down, and the next she sprawled on the cold ground flat on her back.
Catherine didn't know if she was breathing. She knew her eyes were open, because she saw the gray...

Amelia Grey (aka Gloria Dale Skinner) grew up in a small town in the Florida Panhandle. She has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for over twenty-five years. She has lived in Alabama, Connecticut, New Hampshire and now lives in Florida.
Amelia has won the coveted Romantic Times award for Love and Laughter, the prestigious Maggie award for best historical and Affaire de Coeur's best American historical award. She has been a finalist for the Golden Heart and the Holt Medallion awards which are given by Romance Writers of America and numerous other awards. Her books have been sold to many countries in Europe, Russia and China.
Amelia likes flowers, candlelight, sweet smiles, gentle laughter and sunshine.


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Fairy, Texas - Margo Bond Collins COVER REVEAL

Genre: YA Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Romance/Mystery
Release Date: February 5, 2014
Publisher: Solstice Shadows Publishing

Fairy, Texas. A small town like any other.

Laney Harris didn't want to live there. When her mother remarried and moved them to a town where a date meant hanging out at the Sonic, Laney figured that "boring" would have a whole new meaning. A new stepsister who despised her and a high school where she was the only topic of gossip were bad enough. But when she met the school counselor (and his terminal bad breath), she grew suspicious. Especially since he had wings that only she could see. And then there were Josh and Mason, two gorgeous glimmering-eyed classmates whose interest in her might not be for the reasons she hoped. Not to mention that dead guy she nearly tripped over in gym class.

She was right. Boring took on an entirely new dimension in Fairy, Texas.

Fairy High could have fit into one wing of my old school. The three-story, red brick building looked like it had been around for at least a century—it actually had carvings over two of the doorways that read “Men’s Entrance” and “Women’s Entrance.” I was glad to see that none of the kids paid any attention to those instructions.
            “Counselor’s office,” I muttered to myself. At least I wasn’t starting in the middle of a term—though given the fact that there were fewer than 500 students in the entire high school, I didn’t think I was going to be able to go unnoticed, even in the general bustle of the first day back from summer vacation.
            I walked through the door marked “Men’s Entrance,” just be contrary, and faced a long hallway lined with heavy wooden doors. The spaces in between the doors were filled with lockers and marble staircases with ornate hand-rails flanked each end of the long hallway. Students poured in behind me, calling out greetings to each other and jostling me off to the side while I tried to get my bearings. None of the doors obviously led to a main office; I was going to have to walk the entire length of the hallway. And people were already starting to stare and whisper.
            God. I hated being the new kid.
            I took a deep breath and stepped forward. I made it halfway down the hall without seeing anything informative—all the doors had numbers over them and many of them had name plaques, but neither of those things did me any good since I didn’t know the name or office number for the counselor. I was almost getting desperate enough to ask Kayla, but of course she was nowhere to be seen.
            I turned back from scanning the halls for her and caught sight of the first adult I’d seen—and almost screamed. As it was, I gasped loudly enough for a guy walking past me to do a double take. The man standing in the open doorway was tall, over six feet, and way skinny—so emaciated that it looked like you ought to be able to see his ribs through his shirt, if his shirt didn’t hang so loosely on him. He had white hair that stuck out in tufts, thin lips, a sharp nose, and pale blue eyes that narrowed as he watched the kids walk past—and all the kids gave him a wide berth without even seeming to notice that they did so. He stood in an empty circle while students streamed around him in the crowded hallway.
            But none of that was what made me almost scream.
            For a moment, just as I’d turned toward him, I could have sworn that I’d seen the shadow of two huge, black, leathery wings stretched out behind him.

Margo Bond Collins is the author of a number of novels, including Waking Up Dead, Fairy, Texas, and Legally Undead (forthcoming in 2014). She lives in Texas with her husband, their daughter, and several spoiled pets. She teaches college-level English courses online, though writing fiction is her first love. She enjoys reading urban fantasy and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about vampires, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, and other monsters.

Connect with Margo
Amazon Author Page: Author Page
Twitter:  @MargoBondCollin
Goodreads: Author Page
Facebook: Author Page
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My name is Gemini Sheridan. At least that’s what I thought it was for 23 years. Then one day a slight adjustment on the wheel of my mountain bike set into motion a series of catastrophic events that changed my life forever. Now I’m running from the headaches that threaten to destroy me… from the assassins that threaten to kill me… from the truth that exposes who I really am… and from the man that wants to save me. Because he now owns my heart and I fear him above all others.

My name is Drexel Wolfe and I’m a private investigator. Nothing ever stands in the way of what I want because when I see something I just take it. All of that changed the night my life collided with Gemini Sheridan’s and now everything is one hot damn mess. And the worst part of it all is that I’m trying to save her ass and I don’t know why the hell I’m even bothering. Well, that’s not exactly true. Fact is, I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s crawled into every thought I own, asleep or awake. I have serious plans for her that include making her mine. What she doesn’t know is that when I play, I play for keeps. Nothing and no one will get in my way or stop me… not even Gemini Sheridan herself.

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February 2014

Goodreads link:


My name is Gemini Sheridan. At least that’s what I thought it was for 23 years. Then one day a slight adjustment on the wheel of my mountain bike set into motion a series of catastrophic events that changed my life forever. Now I’m running from the headaches that threaten to destroy me… from the assassins that threaten to kill me… from the truth that exposes who I really am… and from the man that wants to save me. Because he now owns my heart and I fear him above all others.

My name is Drexel Wolfe and I’m a private investigator. Nothing ever stands in the way of what I want because when I see something I just take it. All of that changed the night my life collided
with Gemini Sheridan’s and now everything is one hot damn mess. And the worst part of it all is that I’m trying to save her ass and I don’t know why the hell I’m even bothering. Well, that’s not exactly true. Fact is, I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s crawled into every thought I own, asleep or awake. I have serious plans for her that include making her mine. What she doesn’t know is that when I play, I play for keeps. Nothing and no one will get in my way or stop me… not even Gemini Sheridan herself.

Cover by Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations
Photo by Scott Hoover Photography
Cover Model Emmanuel Delcour

Author Information

One day, on her way home from work as a sales manager, A. M. Hargrove, realized her life was on fast forward and if she didn't do something soon, it would quickly be too late to write that work of fiction she had been dreaming of her whole life. So, she rolled down the passenger window of her fabulous (not) company car and tossed out her leather briefcase. Luckily, the pedestrian in the direct line of fire was a dodge ball pro and had ├╝ber quick reflexes enabling him to avoid getting bashed in the head. Feeling a tad guilty about the near miss, A. M. made a speedy turn down a deserted side street before tossing her crummy, outdated piece-of-you-know-what laptop out the window. She breathed a liberating sigh of relief, picked up her cell phone, called her boss and quit her job. Grinning, she made another call to her hubs and told him of her new adventure (after making sure his heart was beating properly again).

So began A. M. Hargrove's career as a YA/NA and Adult Romance writer. Her books include the following: Edge of Disaster, Shattered Edge and Kissing Fire (The Edge Series); The Guardians of Vesturon series (Survival, Resurrection, Determinant, reEmergent and Beginnings); Dark Waltz and Tragically Flawed.

Other than being in love with writing about being in love, she loves chocolate, ice cream and coffee and is positive they should be added as part of the USDA food groups.

Author Links:
Author Goodreads:

Monday, 13 January 2014

Chasing Anya - J.L. Campbell

Been there. Done that.

Feisty and independent, Anya Davies lives by her own rules. The one thing she’s hell-bent on avoiding is a conventional relationship. Nor is she interested in romance, thanks to her abusive ex who refuses to stay in the past. The second complication in her life is a secret that condemns her to constant guilt and a solitary life. A series of near misses and escalating threats are a third and worrying factor. Only a special man would understand or live with Anya’s challenges and demands.

Casual not having that.

Enter Christophe Mondesir. Two years ago, Anya dumped him without explanation. An accidental meeting shoots Anya back on Christophe’s radar. He refuses to be denied and plans to breach the fortress Anya has built around her heart—if she’ll commit to more than a casual liaison. He’s also determined to find out what she’s hiding. That’s if the stalker who’s after Anya doesn’t end her life first.

Genre:  Romance, Women's Fiction
Content/Theme(s):  Sexual Content (not graphic), Post Abortion Sydrome, Relationships, Spousal Abuse,
Release Date:  January 13, 2014
Publisher: The Writers' Suite

 photo 85c6c375-f71a-468a-ad8c-b8d2b30deb99_zps986ff285.jpg
He stood before her, pressing kisses to her neck. Then his lips covered hers. Soft. Persuasive.

She resisted him at first, but the memory of his lovemaking warmed her blood and she relaxed against him. The unknown word he’d spoken came to mind and she twisted away from him. “I’m not so sure I should let you touch me, ’specially since I don’t know what you said earlier. What was that anyhow?”

“I said you should stop talking like a slut.”

She mashed his toes with her foot. “How dare you talk to me like that?”

“Ouch! If you insist on treating sex as if it is some sort of pill—”

“If you were sensitive to my needs, I wouldn’t have to resort to asking for sex.”
He narrowed his eyes. “You know what? I’m going to give you what you want.”

That said, Christophe pressed his lips to hers, forcing her mouth open. She fought him, but this time he ignored her attempts to escape.

The intensity of his kiss frightened her. His grip on her arms was too tight and she felt suffocated by his strength. “No, Christophe, I—”

His hand glided under her shirt and the words lodged in her throat. She cast aside her objections, swept away by the fire his touch lit on her insides.

They landed on her bed, struggling to free themselves of their clothing. Minutes later, Christophe reduced her to an orgasmic shudder.

Then they started over.

When they were satisfied, she panted against his chest.

Christophe eased away from her and rolled onto his back to stare into a corner of the room.

Now what was wrong with him? She raised herself up on her elbow. “What’s bugging you now?”

It took him a while to look her in the eyes. “D’you realize I just raped you?”

She almost giggled. “Well, it was the best rape I ever had.”

He sighed. “I’m serious. You said no, and I didn’t listen.”

He murmured something she didn’t hear and rolled onto his side, away from her.

Anya stared at a mole on his shoulder, unable to believe what she was seeing and hearing. Was he serious? Wasn’t she supposed to be the basket case?

She scratched at the skin around the cast. It was itching like hell lately.

Christophe got up and went into the bathroom. The toilet flushed and she waited for him to come back to bed. Instead, he got a pair of jeans from the cupboard and pulled them on, along with a tee-shirt.

Anya gaped at him. “Where the hell d’you think you’re going?”

“Home. I need to think.”

“What d’you need to think about, Christophe?”


She yanked her shirt on and stood in front of him. “Every time I get mad and tell you to leave, you refuse to go. Now, we don’t even have a serious quarrel and you’re running away. What’s wrong with you?”

He slipped both hands in his pockets and wouldn’t look at her. “I have to go.”

Using her hand, she tipped his head so she could see his eyes.

He was in pain.

She didn’t understand what the problem was, but something had gone terribly wrong. She grabbed his arms and spoke softly to him. “Don’t walk out on me now. I don’t know what’s going on with you, or what you think you did, but I need you.”

“I’m sorry, Anya.” He stepped out of her grasp and walked away.

She sank on the bed, rubbing the frown line on her forehead. Would he be all right? Her heart rate went up and she pressed a hand to her chest. Christophe had left, but she needed to check whether he’d locked up.

The lock was engaged and she was alone in the house. She leaned against the front door, feeling as if she’d bought a bus ticket and the driver had dropped her off miles away from her destination.

Her eyes smarted, but she would not cry. While she was sure Christophe’s withdrawal was directly related to her, she sensed there were other factors at play.
If he didn’t want to talk, how could she get to the root of what was eating him?

 photo 59e824c4-9212-448b-9de2-c31e31a3a6ef_zps75626707.jpg
Image of J. L. Campbell
J.L. Campbell is a proud Jamaican, who is always on the hunt for story-making material.

She writes romantic suspense, women's fiction and young adult novels. She is the author of Anya's Wish, Chasing Anya, Contraband, Christine's Odyssey, Dissolution, Distraction, Don't Get Mad...Get Even, Retribution, Saving Sam and Hardware (written under the pen name Jayda McTyson).

Where to find JL Campbell:

Social Media

Goodreads: JL Campbell
Twitter:     @JL_Campbell
Facebook:  JL Campbell
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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Soul-Mates Forever - Vicki Green Cover Reveal

‘Love …captures us in a moment and changes us forever’

When love isn’t enough to break through the walls that were built so long ago, how is true happiness ever found? Paxton Davenport built these walls when every guy she met only wanted her gorgeous body. Her modeling career really takes off after returning to L.A. from her best friend’s wedding. But her thoughts continually plague her of the hot rocker, Tucker Williams, who pursued her both times she visited her friend. Her rich parents have never provided the attention or love she needed growing up. She is considered your typical 21 year old rich bitch, snooty to most but deep inside she is the most loving and caring person you could ever know.

Tucker, or Tuck as everyone knows him, grew up in a house where a normal day was seeing his parents drugged out, no food to be found and finding solace in his guitar. His mom ending up in prison and his dad dying from an overdose leads him to falling in with the wrong crowd. With the help of friends, at the age of 22, he finds himself as a tattoo artist by day, the leader of a Rock band (Razers Edge) by night. He falls head over heels for Paxton one night when the band is playing at Barton’s bar but she won’t give him the time of day.

Will Tuck ever get through Paxton’s walls or annoy the hell out of her trying?

*Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Author of the forever series
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